¿Cada cuánto debo renovar mi maquillaje?

How often should I renew my makeup?

Hello girls,

A new year began and with it the need to reset our bodies, thoughts, closets, and makeup. So today I want to help you learn a little more about when it is time to get rid of the beauty products that you have stored for years.

It is normal to stop using certain makeup such as eye shadows during different seasons, even more so after a year like 2020. I know that many times we want to change our look and try different colors and we end up accumulating beauty products in the bathroom.

Therefore, it is important to note that makeup also has an expiration date. That's right, eye shadows, foundations, powders, lipsticks, and mascara all have their expiration dates.Usually each product has an M symbol with a number. For example, 6M or 12M. Which means the number of months the makeup lasts once opened.

The usage time of each product tends to be:

  • Eye shadows They can last up to 36 months if you apply them by brush. But, if you use your fingers to apply them, it may last less, since impurities from your hands can affect the quality of the product over time.

  • Eye pencils they last between 6 months and a year. It is one of the products that tend to expire faster than the others.

  • The masks of eyelashes or lash, like eyeliner pencils, last 6 to 12 months.

  • The bases and correctors last about 12 months.

  • Powdersbronzers, mattifiers and blushes can last up to 24 months.

  • Lipsticks vary greatly depending on their formula. They usually last between 12 and 30 months.

After organizing your beauty products, I recommend taking the opportunity to clean your makeup brushes. Those that you use to apply beauty products in liquid or cream, such as concealers, foundations, lipsticks among others. Cleaning them every time you use them is essential in order to enjoy a clean, precise and, most importantly, germ-free finish.

Remember that the care of beauty products also influences the care of your skin.

Tell me, how are you renewing your beauty products?a?

Much Love,