¿Qué Hacer antes de Aplicarse una Mascarilla?

What to do before applying a mask?

Facial masks offer multiple benefits to the skin, many times it is the necessary medicine to give the face what it so badly needs: hydration, exfoliation, cleansing, etc. However, when we do not apply them correctly or do not know how to do it, the effect is not the same and neither are the results.


The first thing we must do is clean the face: a face free of dirt and with open pores, will absorb nutrients more easily and effectively. Before preparing the mask, we must know exactly the proportions of the ingredients and the proper way to apply it. It is important to read the ingredients and the way of application well.


There are certain places on our face where we should not apply the masks: around the eyes, eyelids and lips.


The best way to apply masks is usually with your hands; However, using a spatula with thick preparations and a cosmetic brush with liquid masks is more hygienic.

Remove the mask with a damp cotton ball or a towel, you can also wash your face with warm water. Once the process is finished, apply a cream according to your skin type.


¡Take advantage of this moment to treat yourself, relax and connect with yourself!