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All About Bath Salts

¿Have you heard of bath salts? Commonly made from magnesium sulfate Epsom salt. This wonder dissolves easily in warm bath water and is used for everything from stress relief to aches and


Studies have shown that sulfate and magnesium are absorbed through the skin; so taking a bath with Epsom salts will help you reap its many benefits.

Add a few cups of Epsom salt to your bathtub with hot water and they will help you:

  • Reduce stress levels.

  • Relax the body and mind.

  • Relieve muscle aches and cramps.

  • Eliminate toxins from the body.

  • Improve blood circulation.

Epsom salt can also be used to:

  • Exfoliate your body.

  • Give volume to hair.

  • Remove excess products from the scalp.

  • Eliminate the bad smell of the feet.

So don't think twice and include a relaxing bath with Epsom salts once a week and get the best out of all its benefits!!