¿Cómo ser más sostenible a la hora de vestir?

How to be more sustainable when it comes to dressing?

It is no secret to anyone that the environment is suffering the consequences of our actions on a daily basis. Every day that passes the planet deteriorates more, that is why it is in us to be the change and instill it in those who are around us.


Fashion contributes to this climate problem by emitting a large amount of CO2 gases. Given this number of problems that we face daily, we must act and contribute to improvement. This is why we must be more sustainable when it comes to dressing. Here are some tips so that you can start your way to be more sustainable when it comes to dressing.

  1. Buying in thrift stores: Second-hand stores are an excellent option when it comes to shopping and being more sustainable. These stores usually have pieces in very good condition, they have a lot of variety and they also have incredible prices. An example of one of them is Goodwilll”

  2. Alter pieces of our wardrobe:Sometimes we have pieces in our closet that go unnoticed and we have not used in a while, because this is the time to take them out of the closet and cut them or do some kind of intervention so that you can use them in another way without having to go shopping.

  3. Trade pieces with friends:On many occasions we have pieces that do not fit us or we no longer like them as much as when we bought them, but perhaps there is a known one that they do like. In this case we could make exchanges between friends, they give you some pieces and vice versa.

  4. Buy pieces that can be used all year round and do not go out of style, this will avoid the constant purchase of pieces for your wardrobe.

  5. Take maximum care of the pieces we already have, so that they last much longer.


I hope these tips help you to be more sustainable when it comes to dressing.



Gaby rouge