Conoce el Movimiento de la Moda Sostenible

Meet the Sustainable Fashion Movement

¿They have heard about sustainable fashion. This is a topic that really catches my attention, since it has become an option in which we can all contribute to protect our planet!!

We can say that sustainable fashion is all those pieces manufactured without compromising natural resources and that has as a fundamental principle respect for the environment, as well as for the work of all the people involved in the process. Currently, many fashion designers are reintroducing eco-conscious methods through the use of environmentally friendly materials and socially responsible methods of production. And they knew that at least 8,000 chemicals are used to convert raw materials into textiles. This causes irreversible damage to people and the environment.e.


This movement was born to give the industry an ecological and socially responsible option to produce its pieces; either through its production methods, textiles, recycling and other processes that are committed to environmental and social responsibility.


¿Did you know about this trend? Tell me if you know any Slow Fashion or EcoFriendly brandsdly”