Moda en Tiempos de Cuarentena

Fashion in Times of Quarantine

In these times of so much uncertainty, if there is something I am sure of, it is that we have to take care of ourselves the best we can, that is why it is important to stay at home as much as possible. But for those of us who are used to the routine of dressing to go to work, or going to socialize with friends, the theme of staying home can change our plans when it comes to dressing.


I know that for many, staying home every day is synonymous with comfort, being in pajamas may sound like the most comfortable way to do it and I am not going to lie to you, it would be ideal, but this time I want to talk about how we can incorporate a touch fashionable in times of quarantine.


At Kira, we love to give you tips and solutions on how to lead a healthier and more balanced life, that's why we also want to incorporate fashion and style, since we know that the way we dress influences how we feel about ourselves. .


This time I want to talk about the benefits of changing from pajamas to casual clothes to be at home. While it is true that we may prefer to be in pajamas, that is not the most ideal. By changing our attire first thing in the morning we are helping our mind to make an instant change in attitude to face our day. It is not necessary to stay in pajamas all day to feel comfortable, indeed, we can look fashionable and comfortable even when at home. One of the tips I can give you is to incorporate trends in your outfits, for example, you could include a tie dye set in your closet that is very fashionable.


I want to recommend several options of outfits to be at home and also be fashionable as this will help us to raise our self-esteem and make us feel better and more prepared to face our day. If in your day you are going to be exercising, then you could start from the morning already with those clothes and so you would be ready and with your mind focused on your exercise. If you are one of those who work from home, a lounge wear set is ideal for you. Here I share photos of outfit options to be at home and not lose fashion in the attempt.


Remember that it is important to always keep a positive mind and a good attitude in the face of this difficult circumstance that surrounds us.

Gaby rouse

Fashion Editor

Wardrobe Stylist