¡Tendencias Otoño 2020!

Fall 2020 Trends!

If you are like me who lives in Miami, perhaps the word autumn does not influence you much when it comes to dressing, since here in Miami the weather is usually quite constant throughout the year. But if something is true, it is that fashion continues its way regardless of the temperatures around us.


In the same way, I wanted to talk to you about several trends that we will be seeing from now on and about others that I love and I hope you stay for a while. The first one is the tops that have shoulder pads, I am fascinated by the fact that a simple cut t-shirt can be added with a shoulder pad to add femininity and a cool touch. T-shirts are one of my favorite pieces, that's why I always have them in my closet, so I get really excited when new designs come out.


Another trend that we will see is suits, but not in the way we areos

used to seeing them, but in the form of a blazer and shorts. How about? It's a wonderful idea for us who live in warm places. This trend consists of wearing a blazer with shorts instead of wearing them as they were commonly worn with pants. This trend allows us to look cool and elegant but with a touch of business.s”.


The last trend that I am going to talk about is the return of the metallic ones. This year you won't have to wait until the holidays to feel like metallics are appropriate, now you can wear them on any occasion this fall. I love the metallic pieces because I feel that they give us light and can be combined with your favorite leather boots for a totally cool and different look.

I hope these Fall 2020 trends serve as inspiration for your next outfits.



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