Beneficios de la Infusión de Flor de Jamaica

Benefits of Jamaica Flower Infusion

This infusion is incredible for its amount of benefits that bring us closer to an optimal level of health. Besides this we can take it hot or cold which makes it ideal for any time of the day. Among its benefits we can highlight:

  • It is diuretic, which helps us eliminate toxins from our body.
  • Due to its amount of antioxidants, it improves liver function.
  • Increases intestinal activity so it improves digestion and speeds up metabolism.
  • Decreases menstrual cramps. It is very common that when women are in our days we resort to infusions or hot teas to reduce menstrual cramps, so the infusion of hot hibiscus flower is ideal for those moments.
  • Contributes to the immune system by providing vitamin C.
  • Prevents hypertension.
  • Lowers blood cholesterol level.