Beneficios del Hielo.

Benefits of Ice.

¿Did you know the benefits of ice for our skin and health in general?

We have heard that this is the secret to having a smooth and soft skin. What's more, I confess that at least twice a week, I like to apply ice to my face as a beauty treatment.

It helps us with inflammation, swelling, acne and reduces aging; also in the circulation of our body, thus helping to reduce fine lines.

In addition, the Dutch athlete Wim Hof, known as The Iceman, tells us that, by combining specific breathing techniques, physical exercises and especially exposure to cold, we will increase blood oxygen levels; thus providing more energy, less stress levels, reduction of insomnia and increased athletic performance.o.

This Iceman man has spent years developing extreme experiments and reaching extraordinary challenges. Including 23 Guinness Records. Wim has developed the Wim Hof Method, a method that changes the chemistry of the brain and our body through the control of breathing, this allows you to live between the cold as if it were heat. Among its great achievements we have:s:

- He ran a half marathon across the Arctic Circle barefoot and in sweatpants.

- Swim 66 meters under the ice.

- Climbed the highest mountains in the world like Kilimanjaro and Everest, without assisted breathing and wearing shorts.

- Ran a marathon through the Namibian Desert without drinking fluids.

- And it can stay in a container full of ice for more than 110 minutes.

All this to show that you are in full control of your body and mind.

So you know, a little cold does not hurt anyone. By the way, someone here bathes with cold watera?