Beneficios y Propiedades del ¡Aloe Vera!

Benefits and Properties of Aloe Vera!

Let's talk about the properties and benefits of Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera! For a long time it has been used as an ally for our skin and also as a medicine. But do we know all the benefits it has? We can say that:

* It is moisturizing, relaxing, softening, emollient, disinfectant and healing
* It is antibiotic, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and refreshing.
* It is perfect for combat constipation, colitis, digestion, varicose veins, high blood pressure and anemia.
* Helps stimulate insulin secretion, treats hypertension and improves blood circulation.
* The inner part , that is to say the pulp of aloe vera, is effective to heal wounds and minor sunburns
* Digestive system: It rebuilds the intestinal flora, attacks the bacteria that produce stomach ulcers
* Ally for the defenses: Helps to remove dead cells. It is healing, relieves burns and is effective for acne
* Powerful natural anti-inflammatory: Its antioxidant properties are perfect to reduce inflammation
* Skin: Its powers help the dermis to stay fresh, cared for and hydrated.

And you, what do you use Aloe Vera for?