7 Pasos Para Comenzar Una Rutina de Meditación

7 Steps to Starting a Meditation Routine

Meditation is an activity that we should include in our day-to-day routine since it is proven that it provides us with endless benefits to have a better quality of life. It is a moment of the day that we can consider as a gift that we are giving ourselves, where we connect our body, mind and soul, thus obtaining a personal balance. There are 7 steps that are essential for me when meditating, here I share them:

1. Put on comfortable clothes that allow us to stretch, that do not squeeze us so as not to divert our mind from what is really important.

2. Find a quiet place that allows us to relax and where we also have no interruptions.

3. Have a good posture when sitting on the floor, with your back straight but without any tension, taking deep breaths and keeping your shoulders and arms relaxed.

4. Focus your attention on an object or on your breath by closing your eyes.

5. Do not struggle with the thoughts that come to your head just accept them and go ahead with the meditation. If you force yourself so that thoughts do not come to your mind, you will focus your energy on that instead of on how positive relaxation is. Just let your mind flow and find its way.

6. Increase the time that the meditation lasts progressively, that is, if it is difficult for you to concentrate for 20 minutes, start for 5 minutes and when you feel that you master it, you will increase the time until you reach your time goal. The recommended is between 20 and 30 minutes a day.

7. Set your meditation place with implements that relax you, be it scented candles and music that soothes you.