¿Cómo lograr conectar contigo mismo?

How to connect with yourself?

Today, more than ever, societies seem to depend on technology, even for relationships. The human being needs to be connected and any free moment becomes an opportunity to establish another connection. The lifestyle often compromises our mental health, so emotional management requires an effort and a reencounter with oneself.

The connection with oneself consists of looking at one's own history, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and mental models, with the aim of being able to accept, include and transform what you want in your life.

In case you want to synchronize your mind with your body, here are some recommendations:

1. Take time out of the day to listen to noises by learning to be silent with yourself and making contact with nature.
2. Practice a few minutes of mindfulness meditation every day.
3. Travel alone! This way you will discover how you react when you find yourself in an area outside of your comfort..
4. Practice Yoga.
5. Writing in a journal is a great way to understand those feelings that you might be holding back.

The important thing is to practice and let your blocks gradually fall and you acquire the ability to look inside yourself.