¿Cómo Evitar la Inflamación Abdominal?

How to Avoid Abdominal Inflammation?

Inflammation is nothing more than a natural auto-immune response.
There are some natural processes such as digestion that inflame the abdomen a bit and there are times of the day when your abdomen may be more inflamed than at other times. For example chewing gum throughout the day or eating quickly can cause abdominal swelling. The situation is when it is an unusual inflammation, that you feel that you are going to explode and behind that there can be many reasons.

When you don't maintain a healthy diet and eat processed foods, it can cause abdominal bloating. In the same way, if you are intolerant to lactose, gluten or some foods, they can cause you to feel that swelling. Another reason that can be hidden behind this symptom is irritable bowel syndrome.

The ideal is a higher intake of fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates such as oats and consume a lot of water. Accompanied by the elimination of trans fats, polyalcohols and foods with a high glycemic index such as sugar, soft drinks, refined flours, among others.

¿You have felt that some food causes abdominal inflammation?