Consejos nutricionales para antes, durante y despues del embarazo

Nutritional tips for before, during and after pregnancy

In the gestation stage, women usually present noticeable changes that correspond to the adaptation that the body has to be able to house and ensure the stay of a new being in the womb, so it is important that women are prepared not only emotionally, but also physically, through proper nutrition even before planning to have a child.

That is why we must maintain a very good diet and thus take care of our body temple before, during and after the stage of pregnancy.. 


* Maintaining the appropriate weight before pregnancy will give the woman a healthy gestational process from the beginning to the end of the period.

* It is not necessary to eat more, but to maintain a diet rich in sources of protein and iron. .

* The consumption of vitamin B9 folic acid helps in the creation of new cells, prevents congenital defects in the brain and spinal column of the new being.r.

* Including fish, fruits, cereals, vegetables and dairy products in your diet to maintain proper nutrition will benefit the immune, metabolic and even microbiological development of the future mother and her baby.


* During pregnancy, there should be an increase in the amount of total calories consumed throughout the day.

* It is important to respect basic meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner, and to have complementary food options with an adequate supply of proteins and essential fats such as omegas 3 and 6.

* The use of olive oil to flavor meals will provide antioxidants and oleic acid that helps to keep cholesterol levels under control and bone growth.

* Performing physical activity helps the pregnant woman to stay active but it will depend a lot on the correct prescription of exercise by the appropriate professional.


* Reinforcing their diet with a healthy and balanced diet is essential to provide optimal nutrition for the baby.

* Staying hydrated by consuming one to two liters of water daily will help the proper functioning of the metabolism.

* Avoid restrictive diets for weight loss and maintain the consumption of dairy and foods rich in fiber.