Todo lo que Tienes que Saber sobre la Cromoterapia

Everything You Need To Know About Chromotherapy

Have you heard of Chromotherapy? It is the discipline that uses colored lights to improve the state of mental and physical health of people. Colors have the ability to modify the vibrations of the body and thus improve its state. Colors are so important that, since ancient times, they have been used as a way to help heal various types of physical, mental and emotional problems.

It brings together the contributions of psychology, metaphysics, art and medicine, using the chromatic spectrum into which sunlight is divided. Its purpose is to achieve a balance of body and mind, taking advantage of the ability of colors to calm, excitement or inspiration, among other effects.

Today, this therapy is carried out with lamps that emit light of different colors. Each of the seven colors of the spectrum corresponds to one of the seven chakras that Hinduism places in different parts of the human body.

For example:

* Violet: It is a color that improves mental performance. Calms and strengthens the nervous system, reducing anxiety, fear and memory problems. It is suitable for the eyes and favors inspiration. Helps in detoxification of blood and pneumatic problems linked to poor circulation. But, in excess, it can lead to grief or anger.

* Indigo: It is used as an ally to reduce infections and strengthen the immune system. Calms and reduces inflammation, and supports the health of the throat and thyroid. Due to its composition of yellow, it improves communication skills and restores peace in the family environment.

* Blue: It is a natural painkiller. Promotes spiritual growth and regulates sleep patterns. It is indicated in case of acute pain, hypertension and excess stress and fatigue. In addition, it awakens intuition and, along with green, talent. It is not recommended in case of melancholy or self-absorption.

* Green: This balanced color, between yellow and blue, is a restorative that helps to calm physical and mental fatigue. It stimulates the regeneration of cells and favors the balance of the nervous and circulatory system. In excess it can depress or weaken.

* Yellow: It is considered a purifying color. It gives clarity, joy and enthusiasm. It is related to sunlight and is considered an antidepressant. It is also useful in cases of digestive disorders. In excess it can trigger prejudice and mental irritation.

* Orange: It is a color that is obtained from red and yellow; for this reason, the activity of both influences its effects. Promotes emotional health, communication and creativity. It is encouraging and combats mental blocks. Regulates hypothyroidism and favors tissue repair. In excess it can cause nervousness and agitation.

* Red: First, it transmits energy and initiative. It is stimulating and increases energy to activate blood flow. In addition, it is indicated for physical apathy, atony, rheumatism caused by cold or cases of hypotension and colds. However, it is not recommended in cases of anxiety or emotional disturbance. In excess it causes irritation and fatigue.

And you, have you already experienced it?