Desconéctate y Encuéntrate.

Disconnect and Find yourself.

Disconnect and find yourself. Many times it is necessary to disconnect a little, from networks, from work, from day to day, so that you can find yourself himself and that purpose of life.

And it is that only one day is necessary to breathe deeply and recharge. Let's start listening to our hearts and move on. Only when we hear what our heart wants to say is when we found the possibility of transforming ourselves.

A weekend with family, get home and watch your favorite series, get up in the morning and give Thanks because you are alive, get up at 5am and go to see the sunrise on the beach, give a hug to that friend you have not seen for a long time, eat your favorite food, are those little actions that disconnect you and make you feel alive again.

And that's what life is about, small moments, actions and situations that you will enjoy in the here and now.

Life is chaos, if you look at it from that point of view, work, chores, college, paying for rent, exercise, and staying healthy are so many things !; just as life is also a journey, if you see it from the point of view of which I see it; I enjoy every moment of my life, the time with my loved ones, my work, understanding the benefits of healthy food in me, everything has a why and a why, and that is why you cannot absorb or let them absorb your energy, invest them in things that generate happiness for you, because at the end of it all, that's what it's all about. LIVE AS IF IT WAS THE LAST DAY OF YOUR LIFE! And believe me it will all make sense.

Listen to what you carry inside and you will understand your own dreams, goals, ideals, and then only then can you find everything you deserve and it is made for you.