El Poder de la Oracion

The Power of Prayer

In moments where despair takes hold, hope is small and mistrust becomes our ally, there is the strongest weapon against all this, is PRAYER.

The power it has is incredible, even if it's hard to believe. Many times we doubt this power and we even think that our prayer will not be reciprocated.

This is not based on the direction in which we lean or on a certain posture of our body. It does not come from the use of artifacts or symbols or candles or rosaries.

The power of prayer comes from within us and is directed to what we believe in, who listens and answers us. The important is:

-BELIEVE, regardless of what you believe.

-FE, to that in what you believe without seeing, but feel inside.

-Thank you for what you received.

-And the HOPE that he will respond.

Prayer comes together with faith, which is that light that lights up in your heart for each of your desires.

Our faith must be constant and unshakable and our desire to free our minds of resentment, bitterness, guilt and shame. This faith has to open the way for thoughts of prosperity, health, and happiness. Even though some things in your life seem to be falling apart. Believe and it will happen.

Who believes everything is possible. That is why faith is the certainty of what is expected and the conviction of what is not seen.

  Let us not doubt the power of our prayer, especially in these moments and let us make it a daily habit.