Empecemos a Ver la Disciplina como Nuestra Mejor Amiga

Let's Start Seeing Discipline as Our Best Friend

Many times we set goals for health, growth, relationship, nutrition, etc., and for some reason we start with a lot of drive and energy, but then we settle down and give ourselves little permission until the goal is out of the game and this It generates frustration, pain and the bitter feeling of guilt.

Staying motivated to move forward with our plans is much more difficult than it sounds. That's why your best allies are motivation and discipline, and you'll see why!!

It is important that you make discipline your best friend and this means being comfortable being uncomfortable, learning to deal with the pain of doing what you don't want to do. Once you understand that you are not always going to want to do something, even if it does you good, and that discipline is for that, you will begin to appreciate it.

Your other ally is motivation and there are two types: intrinsic and extrinsic. The first comes from you and is linked to the author's need to realize himself, learn and grow personally. The second is the factors outside of you that motivate you to do something, such as money, social recognition or fame.

The best way to stay motivated is to have a clear goal in mind. However, we must not wait for the motivation to reach us to achieve our goal. That's when discipline comes in! Strive to achieve a goal that will lead usrto to self-realizationorn.

¿You are one of those who sets out to achieve a goal and after a few days you abandon?