On April 22, International Earth Day is celebrated, and it is used as a day to raise awareness about the damage that human beings have caused to planet earth. For us, every day should be dedicated to the planet and be aware of the measures that we must implement in our routines so as not to continue contributing to the deterioration of our home. We must take action on this problem, if each of us puts in a grain of sand we can achieve it; because as a team everything is easier.

Just as we worry about exercising, eating properly, taking proper care of our skin, all this to maintain a healthy lifestyle, because we know that it is beneficial for us; We must also contribute to our land and make it a healthy and safe place for our health.

One of the biggest problems we fear today is global warming. Global warming is the result of an increase in the average temperature on the earth's surface. Experts have said the goal is not to let the planet's temperature rise 2 above what it was before the Industrial Revolution. Currently 1 has already risen above and if we continue at this pace the goal will not be met and the damage will be irreversible.e.

¿What can we do to prevent the temperature from rising further??


Save energy

  • Turn off the lights in the rooms you are not using in your house.
  • Turn off and unplug electrical appliances when not in use.
  • Make sure that the electronic equipment you buy makes efficient use of energy.


You have used public transport

  • Walking, biking, or using public transportation will reduce carbon emissions. When you have the opportunity to do it, do not hesitate! Even if you cannot do it every day, putting it into practice consciously will be one more grain of sand.s


Make conscious use of water

  • Turn off the tap while you put soap on the dishes, while brushing your teeth, while lathering your body when bathing and in all other daily activities where we inadvertently waste water.


Recycle, Reduce and Reuse

  • There are disposable pots that we buy at the supermarket that can be useful later.
  • Use fewer plastic bags or use cloth bags that you can use multiple times.
  • Bring a thermos of water instead of buying plastic bottles.