Respirar con Consiciencia

Breathe with Consciousness

Today I want to talk about breathing, but not the simple definition of breathing as a living being, which is an automatic and involuntary process; but conscious breathing, where you involve all the senses during this process and manage to calm anxiety, being one of the most important points at this time.

Breathing with awareness gives us the ability to live in harmony and enjoy the present moment, because this is the only moment that is real, it is like our connection with life. The breath is our inseparable companion. Each breath we take with consciousness works for us and has the ability to heal us.

When we breathe with consciousness, we are certain that we extract the vital energy from the oxygen we breathe, and thus fill ourselves with health, energy and vitality. In addition, it nourishes us, feeds us, heals us, helps us to expand our perception, to see the world in a different way and in these moments of anguish, anxiety and stress it gives us calm and allows us to make correct decisions, a short breath and Superficial causes anxiety, stress, fear and other negative emotions that do not help us at all today.

But you will ask yourself, How to start breathing with awareness? It is very simple, it is only to slow down the breathing movements and begin to fill the lungs towards their deepest zone, for example, if we use 3 seconds to inhale, we must use 6 seconds to exhale. This is only the beginning, there are many more effective methods to do it, but it is very to start with the simplest until mastering it, you will feel the difference from day one.

Practice today, in this moment, breathing with consciousness for at least 20min. Put on relaxing music, light a scented candle that relaxes you and enjoy being ALIVE. Trust me, it will make a huge difference in your day.

Tell me how you are doing!