La Toxicidad en los Productos de Belleza

Toxicity in Beauty Products

Cosmetics are part of many people's lives and their marketing can be misleading. This sector does not have many regulations in the United States, therefore there are many companies that use certain ingredients to reduce costs. To give you a clearer idea there are more than 500 beauty products sold in the United States that contain ingredients that are prohibited for use in cosmetics in Japan, Canada and the European Union. There are many people who have no idea of this situation and are absorbing chemicals through the skin that are not safe and can have consequences.

Here is a list of harmful ingredients used in cosmetics and personal care products:

-Diethanolamine and Triethabolamine DEA and TEA are used to make products have a creamy or foamy texture, so you find it in soapy products. One of the risks of these ingredients is that together with other chemicals they could potentiate carcinogenic effects.s.

-Parabens are used to prevent bacteria from being generated in beauty products. They are inexpensive which is why they are included in many products.

 - The surfactants found in the products used for washing are combined with additives such as colorants, perfumes and salts in products such as base, shower gel, shampoo and body lotion.
- Conditioning polymers used in hair products to attract water and soften hair while swelling the hair shaft.
- Fragrance can be the most damaging part of a beauty product, as they often contain chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction.

-Aluminum: it is used in antiperspirant deodorants and is related to the appearance of breast cancer.

Other chemicals to watch out for include: benzalkonium chloride, butylated hydroxyanisole BHA, coal tar hair dyes and other coal tar ingredients, formaldehyde, propyl, isopropyl, butyl and isobutyl, PEG / ceteareth / compounds polyethylene, petroleum distillates, among many others.s.

It is very important to begin to become aware and make sure to avoid putting products on our body that can have negative effects on our health. Remember that many of them are used daily so it is extremely important to start taking action on this issue. If you use cosmetics or personal care products, find out exactly what they contain. By reading labels and doing a little research, you can make educated and healthy choices when buying and using cosmetic products. It is important to stay informed and if you have doubts, consult a specialist!!