Las Mejores Plantas para tener en Casa

The Best Plants to Have at Home

Since the years of our grandmothers, plants have been used curatively and for the home. They are the protagonists in the decoration of spaces since they provide fresh and natural touches, in addition, they improve the circulation of positive energies.

Experts assure that certain plants have a greater capacity to give us a feeling of well-being on a daily basis. Of course, we must give them the best and most special care to keep them always alive and leafy.

Plants expel carbon dioxide at night, but the rest of the day provide fresh oxygen. In addition, they absorb polluting gases, improve and purify the air and make the environment have a little more humidity. Plants are a good therapy against stress.

• Tapes, in addition to purifying the air, can filter up to 90% of the carbon monoxide present in the air at home.
• Cacti , absorb electromagnetic pollution.
• Basil, in addition to being tasty, is an aromatic plant that we love for its mild, pleasant aroma and exquisite flavor.
• Alohe Vera or Aloe Vera, has healing, antiseptic and Soothing against minor burns. We can say that it is a medicinal plant in every aspect. Pure natural medicine!

They are also the most natural way to aromatize our home, so we avoid buying artificial flavorings that are polluting. The colors and scent of flowers and plants influence the emotional aspect. The brighter colored flowers give us more energy, while the softer green plants give us relaxation and tranquility.

Plants are the heroines of well-being and health at home. Antiallergic, purifying, antiseptic ... Long live GREEN POWER! What plant do you like to decorate your houses with?