La tendencia de salud y bienestar

The health and wellness trend

The universe of healthy eating is truly diverse, with subtopics ranging from fitness to food ingredients. It also includes corporate wellness, beauty, sleep, personalized care, sportswear, personalized nutrition, travel and hospitality, and psychic wellness.

Within this vast universe, the organic and healthy food sector is the fastest growing sector. This is why wellness has become a global trend lately. This is because the definition of health and wellness has evolved in recent years.

It's no longer just about healing our bodies but also nurturing our minds, spirits, communities, and environment through holistic practices that uplift everyone involved.

This has become very popular in recent years, especially among millennials as they have grown up in a time of rapid change, so their priorities and expectations are very different from those of previous generations.

This generation makes businesses react to the health and wellness trend to stay relevant.

The health and wellness trend is also getting stronger, driving the need for more high-quality ingredients, as consumers are now much more educated and aware of the things they put into their bodies.

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