¿Por qué los Alimentos del Mar Deben Ser "Wild Caught"?

Why Should Seafood Be"Wild Caught"?

When buying seafood such as salmon, we must ensure that they are Wild Caught, that is, wild, that they are fished in the sea and not that they are raised on farm raised farms. Since in these farms they give them hormones so that they grow faster and have a greater production, which makes it harmful to our health. When buying wild products we make sure that they are "GMO-free", free of artificial, toxic substances and, therefore, safer and healthier.les.

¿How to know that the product you are buying is Wild Caught or Wild This information must be on the packaging, it should say both "Wild Caught" or "Farm Raised", to identify the origin of the product. If you don't see it, ask someone who works at the store to help you find it. These little details make a big difference in our health. Since many times we are eating apparently healthy in our eyes, and we feel that there is no improvement in our physical condition, and we feel bloated and retain more fluid than normal, and it turns out that it is due to the amount of hormones and chemicals that they give to animals raised on farms, or by those containing fruits and vegetables that are not organic.os.

Also, wild salmon, for example, has less fat and calories than farm-raised salmon. In the specific case of salmon, there are several ways to differentiate wild from farm-raised just by looking at it. The first thing to look at is the color, the salmon that is raised in farms has a lighter and pinkish color, and the white lines are much more marked than those of wild salmon, which also have a darker and orange color. Then, if the fish is complete, it is very easy to tell where it comes from by the size of its tail, normally farm-raised have a very small tail. Something also to take into account is the price, if it is very economical that is a sign that it was raised on a farm.