¿Qué es la oxitocina?

What is oxytocin?

Our body is capable of generating hormones that produce well-being and are also useful tools for the prevention and cure of ailments. All this is due to the different interactions between the immune, nervous and endocrine systems.

Emotions, feelings and thoughts create impulses that guide these circuits towards the wellness and health, or pain and illness.

Oxytocin and endorphins secreted by the brain are much more powerful substances than some of the more popular medicines. And it is that oxytocin is a substance that our body produces and is so versatile that it can act as a hormone or neurotransmitter that gives us a feeling of immediate happiness.

This hormone is related to love, empathy, compassion, childbirth and breastfeeding. Stimulates affection, reduces anxiety and fear. In addition, it reduces the levels of cortisol in the body therefore stress and favors your mental health.

Oxytocin lowers blood pressure and heart rate, reduces muscle tension, improves scarring and increases the pain threshold. The levels of oxytocin depend in turn on other hormones and also influence the production of others such as estrogens, dopamine, serotonin, prolactin and endorphins.

It is incredible how the oxytocin has such an important role in our life. And the best part is that one of the ways to encourage it is by being grateful. Any feeling of well-being, recognition and joy causes our body to increase the production of this powerful substance. In addition, it is proven that nothing is more related to the production of oxytocin than physical contact, hugs, kisses and caresses.

Being happy can be easier than what! we imagine!