¿Será que el Bambú es el Alimento del Futuro?

Could it be that Bamboo is the Food of the Future?

Many of you perhaps relate bamboo as a decorative element for your houses that is also good luck or as the main food of pandas and if all those thoughts are valid. However, there is something else and it is that this plant is edible and has benefits that will surprise you.

Bamboo is one of the foods richest in edible and dietary fiber, it supports digestion, stimulates the immune system and keeps constipation at bay. It also helps to treat gastric problems and indigestion. It is antispasmodic so it helps with nausea and menstrual cramps. It is excellent for the skin because it helps to synthesize the much appreciated collagen and it is even said that it has antioxidant properties that help fight carcinogenic processes.

You may wonder how I can consume bamboo and obtain all these benefitss?

Start by buying bamboo shoots from your local market and make sure you wash them well, then cut the outer layer of the shoots and make sure you get the inner shoot that is characterized by being soft. Proceed to cut and boil them to eliminate the acidic flavor that characterizes them, use them to season and accompany various stews, salads and sauces. Did you know about these incredible benefits of bambooú?