¿Qué son las Sustancias Tóxicas?

What are Toxic Substances?

These are proteins that affect the body; all foods contain them, although in different portions. Our body can also assimilate them from other sources, in the graphic above I explain in more detail what those sources are!!

However, the body is designed to get rid of these toxic substances using the organ that cleanses our body, the liver. We can also help you by consuming organic products, staying away from all processed foods, taking care of what you put on your skin and in your environment, exercising and taking care of our emotional health!!

The negative fact about these toxic substances is that when the level increases, our body begins to suffer from some disease and that is when we see it reflected!!

But, how can we eliminate these "toxic substances" from our body?o?

* Drink plenty of fluids, especially water. There is no drink more important to purify the body than water. In addition, it is considered a cleanser of the digestive system.

* Consume natural yogurt: without fruits, or with cereals. Fresh yogurts have probiotic live microorganisms that remain active in the intestine and regulate that they enhance the immune function.d.


* Choose foods rich in fiber: This will also help prevent constipation. With a high water content, which balance and purify the body, and provide abundant antioxidants and essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins, including C.

* Vegetables rich in chlorophyll: Chlorophyll is a powerful cleanser and detoxifier of the liver, pancreas, colon and kidneys. It facilitates the elimination of toxins caused by pollutants that come from the environment, such as herbicides, pesticides or cleaning products. Among them are spinach, chard, arugula, spirulina, alfalfa.a)

So let's get active, and to dispose of these toxic substances are encouragedn?