Tipos de manzana y sus beneficios

Types of apple and their benefits

The apple helps prevent cardiovascular problems, inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, asthma and even muscle contractures.
thanks to quercetin, a phytochemical found in this fruit.

The apple contains acids such as tartaric and malic, which help to better digest the fats we consume. In addition, this fruit satisfies the appetite and prevents us from overeating, taking advantage of its low calorie content.

There are different types of apple:

- Fuji apple: the color may vary but it is between red and pink. It is perfect to eat raw as it is very sweet.
- Gala or Royal Gala: it has a shiny skin with red-orange stripes on a yellowish base. It is recommended to eat raw, but also to cook for making cakes and al oven.
- Golden Apple: has a shiny, golden skin. It is crisp and quite sweet.
- Red Delicious apple: It has a dark red skin with a medium sweetness. It is aromatic and has a juicy flesh. perfect for salads
- Pink Lady Apple: it has a pink skin with a greenish-yellow hue. It is also used for salads and cooking.
- Granny Smith apple: It is one of the most tart apples out there. Its pulp is greenish, very dense and crisp, with an effervescent point.

What is your favorite apple?