Tips para hacer Yoga en Casa

Tips for doing Yoga at Home

In recent years, yoga has become a source of meditation, tranquility, concentration and above all to keep in shape.

So, if you are a yoga lover or want to start doing This practice is a good time to start at home. And here are several tips.

* Create a comfortable space: Make a hole in the home. It is not necessary that you paint a room in the Zen style, but it should be a quiet and spacious space so that you can carry out the exercises with total freedom and comfort. Allocating a space in your home for yoga can help you be regular in your practice. Yoga helps to connect the mind with the body, and is undoubtedly relaxing for the mind while activating the body.

* Use the right accessories: It is good that you have a mat, preferably one that does not slip. There are many types of mats on the market, but the high price does not necessarily indicate a higher quality. If you are one of those people who cares about nature, you can also find organic mats that help conserve the environment. Yoga blocks or bricks are ideal especially when you have a rigid body. Investigate the different accessories that exist and choose the ones that allow you to improve this ancestral practice to be as productive as possible.

* Choose a type of yoga and a routine: Before you start doing yoga exercises, you need to know what you are going to do and what routine you are going to follow. If you have enough experience and knowledge, you can be the one who, with creativity, prepare the routine that you are going to follow. Now, there are virtual classes or yoga books that will help you perform the routines correctly.

* Warm up: Warming up is necessary before subjecting the body to intense postures. Without a warm-up, a person is more prone to injury. In addition, it is ideal to start with less complex postures to wake up the body before moving to more intense postures.

* Be consistent: As with any activity in life, consistency is necessary to see results. Make yoga a part of your daily schedule and, over time, make yoga a habit rather than an effort. As Sara Lucia Villalpando, a yoga expert, explains, "Twenty minutes of yoga a day brings more positive results than two hours of occasional practice".

So do you dare to start with me from home?

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