¡Todo sobre el agua micellar!

All about micellar water!

Skincare routines often include micellar water. The reason this product is so popular in the beauty industry is because it helps cleanse the oil from the face.

Micellar water is a facial cleanser made from micellar, tiny cleaning molecules suspended in water.

Micellar are small molecules that are created from the reaction between water and hydrophilic cleaning agents and that manage to interact with lipophilic fat molecules. This interaction means that the micellar manages to absorb the fat, removing it from the skin, as if they were magnets.nes.

That means they have the ability to remove dirt, impurities, and makeup with just a few strokes of cotton to the face. At the same time that it removes makeup, it cleanses and helps hydrate the skin.

For its correct use, it is advisable to apply micellar water in the morning upon waking up, on clean skin to remove excess dirt that the skin generates at night, before applying your moisturizer or makeup. Also at night you can use it before going to sleep to remove make-up, hydrate and tone your skin.

¿You use micellar water Do not hesitate to include it in your beauty routine!!