Todo sobre los Cristales Energéticos.

Everything about Energy Crystals.

¿Have heard about the use of energetic stones, crystals or minerals? 

Let's talk about this topic that is revolutionizing the world of wellness: did you know that it is proven that these crystals help improve our daily lives and transform the positive energy of our spaces. But which ones should we have at homeen casa?

It all depends on what you want to convey. There are some to sleep better, others to transmute energy, others to protect us from the bad vibes, others to be able to specify what we want and root ourselves to have our feet well on the ground and there are also to accompany us in duels and heal the heart.n.

There are crystals to work each chakra in our energy centers and, although we can use all the stones, in this case we divide them by signs according to the energy and planets of each one. Here I share the properties of some.s. 

- White Quartz; It is the purest mineral in crystal therapy. Activates, channels, projects and transmits energy.a.
- Amethyst; This is ideal for transforming negative energy into positive energy. Keep away the wishes of harm or bad faith.e.
- Citrine; This is used to attract abundance and wealth. -Agate; This is a shield to combat fear and stress. It works as a source of inspiration, so it is ideal for
-Black tourmaline; It is known as The Stone of Light. Helps balance the brain and cleanse the aura.. 

¿And you use crystals. The truth is, I'm starting with this, so if you recommend something, leave me in the comments and so we all learn!todos!