Beneficios del Agua de Coco

Coconut Water Benefits

Coconut has become one of the most versatile ingredients in world cuisine, especially when it comes to taking care of health through recipes based on natural and organic ingredients. What's more, I tell you that it is proven that it provides us with more nutrients than conventional water and is an ideal drink for those who want to keep the body in an optimal state.

Being made up of 94% of water, all the nutritional properties of coconut are concentrated in its drink, so when we consume it we obtain benefits such as: 1. Eliminates toxins. By containing just this amount of potassium, it makes it a great electrolyte regulator and therefore helps to get rid of toxins naturally..

2. Strengthens the immune system. Together, the mineral salts that coconut water contains: potassium, phosphorus, iron and calcium, help to be more effective in combating and destroying the harmful invaders that enter our body.

3. Raises hydration levels. Because it has an electrolyte profile, it is highly recommended for athletes. But in a general way, in accordance with the same Purificación González, the mineral composition of this drink can replace the electrolytes that the human body loses through perspiration.

4. Nourishes bones, nails and teeth. It happens that it works as a remineralizer, again due to its high content of mineral salts, which is why it is recommended for growing children, for breastfeeding mothers or pregnant people.

5. Improves digestion. This thanks to the fact that it has bio-active natural enzymes, it contains acid phosphatase, catalase, diastase and peroxidase, among others.

6. Antioxidant. According to López himself, the presence of cyto kinins, plant hormones, have a protective effect against aging, thrombotic processes and oxidative degeneration.”.

7. Improve eyesight. In the same way, in coconut water we can enter the presence of vitamin A, which is necessary for the functions of the eye, so consuming this drink will help you keep it healthy. To take advantage of all the properties of coconut water, the ideal is to drink it directly from the fruit, even if we are not so close to the beach areas, which is where it is most easily found. Did you know all these benefits that coconut water can give you? It is the perfect drink for these days!as!