Dietas detox ¿Son realmente necesarias?

Detox diets are they really necessary?

Detox, detoxifying or cleansing diets are really important you know about them - These diets hide a series of very different dietary guidelines in their approaches, but they have in common that they provide an extremely low amount of calories to the body. During these detox diets, fruit and vegetable preparations are consumed that are complemented with commercial products and provide different nutrients, such as antioxidants. In addition, they restrict meat, dairy, eggs and fish from their diet, among others.otros.


But they are good and necessary for healthd?


Modern life, of course, puts us in contact with many chemical and synthetic substances, as well as natural substances, some of which may contain different levels of toxicity, but how much evidence is there that a detox removes them from our bodies?s?


The body already has its own smart system for getting rid of toxic substances. If not, we would be in trouble. Throughout our body there is a system that works to keep toxic substances out or eliminate them. Our skin acts as a barrier that makes the fine hairs of our respiratory system trap the particles in the mucus so that we can sneeze.

Although we might get the feeling that our intestines are somehow dirty and in need of cleaning, they are just doing their job. Meanwhile, your kidneys filter half a cup of blood per minute and excrete toxins like urea, in the form of urine.


It's true that the day you cut out alcohol and commit to a healthier diet, the toxins leave your body. But this happens every day, not just when you drink raw vegetable juice. People who fast diets or juice fasts generally lose weight in the short term, but it is difficult to find evidence that they maintain that weight in the long term. It is good that you include these fruit and vegetable juices in your diet daily, but not necessarily make them our only food for a certain time.


¡Much better to always lead a healthy lifestyle!