5 Consejos que debes considerar antes de emprender

5 Tips that you should consider before undertaking

1. Constancy must be stronger than motivation

Every beginning is loaded with a lot of energy, and above all, a lot of motivation. Being motivated is great to start with. But you know what about motivation that is fickle and volatile. It does not last. It is lost. Goes and comes. To undertake, you need stronger foundations than just motivation, and therefore, it is necessary to work and improve your willpower and control over your mind. Entrepreneurship is a daily experience, and perseverance has to become a habit; This is the quality that characterizes the most successful people.o.


2. Always have a positive attitude

There are good days, euphoric days, regular days, and terrible days. And days when emotions go up and down depending on the moment. When you are on the climb, no problem. You feel that you can do everything, you are motivated and your illusion is intact. But and when do the downturns, problems and unforeseen events come? Your entrepreneurial attitude is key to carrying out the areas of your business, because thoughts are closely related to decisions. And when you are the one who makes the decisions, it is preferable to always make them with a positive attitude, without getting carried away by negative thoughts.s.


3. Be less perfect, but much more practical

¡Celebrate your blemishes! Wanting to do things well is great, but it is dangerous to pursue perfectionism in everything you do. Why is it so dangerous to fall into perfectionism? Because it blocks and paralyzes you. And every good entrepreneur must be in constant motion, moving forward and progressing. Spending hours and hours on a task and waiting for it to be perfect to launch is a big mistake, believe me, I tell you from experience. It is practiced, you always do your best, but don't expect to reach levels of perfection that only you can appreciate.iar.


4. Now more than ever, value your time.

The time in the life of an entrepreneur is money. Entrepreneurship requires effort and time, a lot of time. Knowing that you are going to have to invest a lot of hours in your project, start valuing your time today and look for ways to organize yourself as best as possible. A better organization of your time will not only help you to advance better in your duties, but it will help you to focus on everything you do and above all, be more productive and improve your results..


5. Set realistic goals before you start

Entrepreneurship has some magic, because you make a dream come true. So yes, dreaming is fine and you should do it, but don't put your reality aside by setting meaningful goals. Believe me, it is much easier to travel a path when there is a clear goal. Having objectives makes you have a vision, and entrepreneur friend, there is no success if we do not imagine how to achieve it. On the other hand, being realistic implies accepting that the road will not always be pleasant and fun. You will make mistakes, there will be hard times and screwed up days. You must know how to face them and be prepared to face failure. It doesn't matter how many times you fall. The important thing is how many times you get up.


Undertaking and doing it well is possible if you follow the right steps.


¡Your opportunity is there waiting for you! Work for what you want, do not compare yourself, get what makes you unique and make it part of your business and above all, feed the passion for what you do every day.


¡Thanks for reading me! We will continue connecting here.

Valentina Tamayo

Productivity Editor

Businesswoman and Blogger