5 Tips para Manejar el estrés en el Trabajo

5 Tips for Managing Stress at Work

¿Did you know that having a little stress is completely normal - So don't stress about having a little stress. Stress causes us to release hormones that make our heart race, make us breathe much faster, and give us a rush of energy. Stress can be very helpful when we need to focus or finish a large project in a short time. But too much stress or going through a stressful situation for a long time is not good for our body, much less for our mind We must be very careful!!


In our professional life, stress becomes a very common situation, we can see it day after day, but it is in us that this is not the protagonist in our lives, with this we can avoid long-term health problems that cause heart disease , blood pressure, weight problems, and even depression.


¿You know how to control stress. How do you separate work stress so that it does not affect your personal life? Here I share 5 tips that you can apply daily to manage stress at work, and of course they have worked for me!do!


1. Assess your interests, skills, and passions

It may happen that work stress is the result of our professional profile, in which the skills we possess do not fit with the workplace we are in, or simply do not fill us as a person.

When we don't enjoy our work, our body falls into automatic stress. To avoid this situation, it is necessary that we conduct an honest evaluation to understand whether we should seek alternative work, an adjustment or improvement in our interests and abilities.


2. Manage your time better

Poor time management is one of the most common causes of stress. For example, not having planned the time of the things that we must do can make us end up assuming many tasks at the same time, or not finish any. If we want to learn to organize our time to prevent stress at work, it is best that we work on a list of daily tasks, which is real according to our availability of time and performance.


3. Identify what stresses you at work Write down our thoughts, feelings and information, including the people and circumstances involved that cause us stress; Identifying what takes us out of our comfort zone will help us to work on our reaction to these situations or avoid facing them.

4. Set limits

It's easy to feel distressed at the prospect of being available 24 hours a day. We must establish some boundaries between work and our personal life. This could mean not checking email from home in the afternoon or not answering the phone hours after the end of the workday. Setting clear boundaries between our work and personal life reduces stress and we will have a much more efficient workday.


5. Distract your mind, look for new activities! Exercise is a great stress reliever, any form of physical activity is beneficial. We must make time for everything we like to do the most. Whether it's reading a book, enjoying with family and friends, making sure we make time to do the things that make us happy, and bring us pleasure. Sleeping well is also important for reducing stress. We will create healthy sleep habits, limiting caffeine in the afternoon and reducing stimulating activities such as watching television or using the computer at night.


Stress management must be practiced day by day, let's not forget that practicing meditation techniques or deep breathing exercises for at least a couple of minutes a day can be a key tool that allows us to release stress, calm our thoughts and see what positive of all situations. If we drink water during the day or tea, it can also help us control our thoughts and anxiety.

 Now I want to comment on something even more personal, when we feel that a work situation is generating too much stress, let's just ask ourselves, I really want to spend so much energy on this?  ¿ I will continue to stress, instead of looking and working for a solution. Yes, everything has a solution. And if not, what's the worst that can happen? Whatever it is, I'm sure it's not worth all your energy, much less your mental health.al. ¡Let's live less worried and being much more practical!