¿Cómo Administrar tu Tiempo Para Sentirte Mejor?

How to Manage Your Time to Feel Better?

An important part of feeling good is knowing how to manage our time. Knowing that we had a productive week and that we fulfilled everything planned for that week fills us with peace of mind, security and confidence to continue meeting our objectives and achieving our goals.


¡Yes! And that is about objectives and goals, because How to plan without knowing where we are going. That is why today I want to give you some advice that I know will make you feel better about yourself and your projects.s.


Let's start by eliminating all the thoughts that limit us, it is not about whether you are good at something or not, it is about that if you practice something you will always be better.

When we start a new project or a new way of doing things it is normal to fall down, it is part of learning to walk, the important thing is that you have your goals clear and get up.


So today I'm going to give you some advice on where to start with your daily goals. Have you ever felt that there is something important that you should do but you don't know how to do it, so you put it off. And the advice is Do whatever it takes first! But ... you've already identified it. Write it down, analyze it and then ACT! If it's the first thing you do, nothing worse can get through the rest of the day! It will give you energy and drive to complete the rest of your tasks. tareas.


Start today to apply this advice, prepare your list of things to do on your agenda or cell phone. Identify your "Difficult Task", do it and see how you are going to start feeling energetic to accomplish the rest of the day. The important thing is to feel good about yourself and to be in control of your time so that you can maintain a balance in all areas of your life.