¿Conoces los beneficios personales y profesionales de practicar la Gratitud?

Do you know the personal and professional benefits of practicing Gratitude?

¡Hello november! A time of year that I personally love; It reminds us of our values, connects us to our purpose, and makes us appreciate what we have even more. What's more, you knew that practicing gratitude brings enormous benefits to your personal and professional life. Here I will tell you more.s.

 Many times we think that to have gratitude we must first be happy, and have a life full of success and set goals, when what actually leads to that is to be grateful for what we have and for the path we have traveled to get there. where we are

"You cannot imagine how everything changes when you realize how important it is to enjoy the journey, be grateful for the experiences and not just focus on the goal"

 Thanking increases our dopamine level, and when this happens, we always have a better response; a more positive attitude to the challenges and demands of day to day, we have a better ability to focus our attention and we focus on achieving all objectives. The habit of gratitude also makes us more resilient, because by forcing us to focus on the positive and on opportunities,-more than in the negative and in the failures, -it gives us greater strength to face obstacles, get up, and start over.

 Gratitude is the key that turns troubles into blessings and the unexpected into gifts. There is a phrase that I always keep in mind and I want to share it with you:

"The more grateful we are, the more things to be thankful for will come"

But they will be wondering¿how to start being truly grateful I am going to leave you some of my tips, which I practice and have become part of my routine.

1. Write gratitude lists:

Yes, I know you have heard it several times, but it works great. It is about proposing to write a short list daily of the things you are grateful for that particular day. Things that happened to us, people, things you saw, businesses that we achieved, goals that we achieved. By having the routine of writing them, you force yourself to think about them and make them present.

2. Post gratitude reminders throughout the day.

Yes, the rhythm of the day takes us ahead, a way to remind ourselves to have moments of gratitude is to set alarms at certain times on our cell phone or watch. When the alarm goes off, we must find something to be grateful for at that very moment. Simply, when the alarm goes off, become aware of the moment and find something to be thankful for. And literally, be grateful for it, either with a note, with a thought or with a phrase towards another.

3. Make it an official purpose to reduce your complaints.s.

Force yourself not to complain for a whole day, and you'll find it easier at the end of the day to tally up the things to be thankful for.o.

¿You realize There are many things we can be grateful for, and being grateful we bring many good things. I don't know about you, but I believe in the law of attraction, everything we declare out loud will be a fact. So let's think very well what we are going to declare, and GRATITUDEfirst of all.


Valentina Tamayo

Productivity Editor

Businesswoman and Blogger