¿Qué es la ansiedad laboral y cómo se puede combatir?

What is job anxiety and how can you combat it?

¡The year 2021 started! And these first few months feel like a roller coaster of feelings. It is the time of year where there is a lot of energy to start with new challenges, resolutions and goals, but at the same time it can become very overwhelming. That feeling of overwhelm comes from job anxiety, but what is job anxiety?

After the December holidays, it is time to start with many tasks that can generate a restlessness of mind and physiological responses to situations of great anguish. We block ourselves mentally and emotionally. We cloud over to a point of lack of concentration, we get insecure, and the word rest becomes just a word.

We do not realize the importance of motivating ourselves and distracting the mind. There are different activities or actions that we can take when faced with this state of anxiety that can help us disconnect.

“Sometimes you have to disconnect in order to connect.”

But you may be wondering how this can be done. I am going to leave you some of the things I do to disconnect and meet my goals..

1. Exercise

It is something very common that we hear, exercising helps you to free your mind. However, when we are under so much pressure, it is the least we can do in the situation. You have to move, take a walk, exercise, any activity helps. Move on! When you return to work you will see that you can be more clear.


¡Simple and at the same time effective! As when we are nervous, breathing helps reduce anxiety. It helps you release the negative and balance your mood.

3.Listen to music

Music gives us a relaxing effect. It is something we associate with emotions, good times, and joy. Listening to music while we work prevents us from thinking about so many things at once.

4 smile

“Peace begins with a smile. What more effective than smiling? It is something that immediately lifts our spirits and activates us. It gives us enough attitude to keep going and face everything that comes our way. Despite the complicated and overwhelming moments, you always have to keep in mind the positive side of life..

¿You realize There are actions so simple that they can go unnoticed but that are of great help for the circumstances of work anxiety that you are going through. I do not know what you think, but DISCONNECT is necessary to achieve the goals..