Beneficios de los Masajes

Benefits of Massages

¿Did you think that massages were only used to relax? This is one of the myths or lack of information that we commonly read. We have always associated massage with a spa to relax or as something aesthetic. 


Massages have become one of the oldest therapeutic tools, which over time have been modified in order to provide more and more benefits, generating not only effects on a physical level but also on an emotional level.


We can say that among its main effects on our health we can name:

  • Effects on the skin: Through massages, the skin gains elasticity, firmness and flexibility.

  • Effects on the musculoskeletal system: Stimulates muscle action and, in turn, increases and improves lymphatic and venous circulation, promoting the elimination of waste or toxins from the body. In addition, it is the best method to relieve muscle fatigue due to stress, excessive exercise or tiredness.

  • Effects on circulation: Facilitates the movement of blood and lymph

  • Effects on the digestive system: It stimulates the intestinal muscles, improving the digestion process and facilitating the evacuation of feces.

  • Effect on the nervous system: It generates a sedative effect on the central and peripheral nervous system, which helps relieve pain.


In addition, there are numerous benefits that we can achieve through massage, among them we can say:

  1. Massage relieves both physical and emotional stress, controls anxiety and depression, as it reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisols)

  2. Decontracts and relaxes the muscles, by increasing blood circulation and also reduces heart rate and lowers blood pressure

  3.  They help relieve pain, and regulate and reduce physical tension.

  4. They improve the ability to fall asleep

  5. Strengthens the immune system.

  6. Reduces inflammation by improving lymphatic circulation.

  7. They reduce headaches.

Now that you are informed,¿you dare to give yourself a massage?