¿Conoces la alimentación intuitiva?

Do you know intuitive eating?

¿You started the year with the desire to lose weight?

Usually ... how long you manage to diet until you decide to give upe?

Following a very strict diet plan can lead us to lose motivation and neglect our well-being. Therefore, I want to introduce you to the concept of intuitive eating!

Intuitive eating is about listening to the body and attending to hunger signals correctly.

Intuitive eating promotes a healthy attitude towards food and body image. It is not a diet. There are no calories to be counted and no food is prohibited. It's not about following a meal plan or measuring portions.Instead, it's about relearning how to eat outside of the diet mindset, focusing on internal body signals such as hunger, satisfaction, and moving away from external signals such as food restrictions.


The purpose is to know the foods that bring the greatest benefits to your body and consume them with the desire to fill ourselves with health and well-being. Not to please the image of beauty that society says. Each human being is unique and therefore, there is no single beauty mold.

¡Three principles of intuitive eating!

1. Coping with emotions without using food

Emotional eating is very common. Using food to hide unpleasant feelings and emotions can lead to greater difficulties in our emotional health. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the moments in which we begin to eat emotionally and to find a way to do an activity that keeps us from such behavior.

2. Respect our body.

We are so quick to judge and criticize our bodies that learning to respect ourselves is one of the most important foundations of intuitive eating.

3. Exercise to feel good, not to look good.

Instead of focusing on the exercise we think we should be doing, it's critical to shift focus to the types of activities that feel good. For this, we must forget about the calories we want to burn and focus on how we feel after exercising.o.

¡To become aware of our body and its signals!