¿Has escuchado del Meal-Prep?

Have you heard of Meal-Prep?

A healthy life consists of good nutrition, mental and physical health, something that has helped me as being quick and practical when it comes to eating breakfast, lunch, dinner to nourish myself well and live light is meal-prep.


It consists of preparing or planning your meals in advance, so during the week you don't have to think about it. In this way, you will avoid unhealthy options such as takeout, fast food or microwave food, especially when you are in a rush or exhausted in your day to day.


Having ready meals can also reduce portion sizes and help you meet your nutritional goals.


I remember before I started my healthy lifestyle, I was overwhelmed by the thought of just thinking"what am I going to eat today!"" Or rather, I did not think about it, I simply ate anything just to resolve the issue of not being hungry and fell into eating after hours and overeating and not healthy. I never thought about balanced meals and their nutritional part, until I understood their importance.


I had so many questions: when to eat, what to eat, how much to eat, how often, and why does it sound familiar to youiar?


When I started living healthy I said:"Wait, leading a healthy life is mostly related to what one eats on a daily basis."?" Drink water, snacks or snacks ... etc and The answer was: Yes!!


For a moment I said:“Oh god that's crazy”, but then they introduced me to the"Solution to prepare meals in advance or the Meal-prep", at that time everything changed and now it has become a lifestyle.


Meal prep gives you the peace of mind that you have prepared everything beforehand, so you don't have to think about it too much during the week.


Here are some benefits that you will find when preparing your food in advance:

  • You will eat balanced with all the nutrients.

  • You will eat with the appropriate portions and that your body needs.

  • You will save time and money.

¡Plus, it doesn't have to be boring because you can choose from all of your favorite healthy ingredients!


Starts with:


* Create a list of your favorite foods with three columns titled Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Vegetables.


* Once you've created your list, feel free to add your favorite healthy snacks and go grocery shopping.


* After you've gone shopping. You can cook some of your protein, carbohydrates in quantity for about 3 days. Vegetables are recommended to cook from one day to the next.


* Finally, you can buy containers with divisions and thus separate your meals ready to heat and consume daily for a maximum of 3 or 4 days. And ready!


* In the graph below I leave you a formula that has worked for me and that is recommended by nutritionists(especially for women) about the quantities to serve you on your plate or in the containers:

    • 4oz Protein

    • 3oz Carbohydrate,

    • 1 glass of vegetables

¡You will see that it is very funny! Enjoy it!!

A hug and see you in the next article!