Salud y Bienestar ¿Tendencia o Estilo de Vida?

Health and Wellbeing Trend or Lifestyle?

With all the changes that we have experienced in recent months, the universe of well-being and being healthy is really diverse, with sub-themes ranging from fitness, food, meditation, etc. I'm sure you know more than one platform -like Kira- that invites you to lead a better lifestyle. But, do you think it's a passing trend or a lifestyle?


Definitely these changes came to revolutionize life for all of us and made us wake up to a lifestyle that was going very fast, that did not allow us to be our priority. This pause forced us all to realize how important it is to take care of ourselves; from our food, to our mind. Without a doubt, the priority over health and well-being is for many, a new lifestyle.


I would like to dedicate this article to tell you a little more about this health and wellness movement. And it is a complete universe that is not only about improving our bodies, but also about feeding our mind, spirit, communities and environment, through practices that include daily habits that elevate our lifestyle.


Within this vast universe, the organic and healthy food sector is the one that grows the fastest, since we have realized the importance of consuming food that becomes medicine for our body, and not poison. As consumers, we are more educated, more aware and aware of our food choices and it has created the need for us to choose better and higher quality ingredients.


On the other hand, we have the world of exercise, meditation, "fitness" how many of you exercise at least 3 times a week. Once we adopt this habit, we see drastic changes in our life. This is one of the sub-branches of wellness that makes this a lifestyle, and not a passing trend. Taking care of our body is a manifestation of profound changes for a better quality of life.a.


If we talk about well-being and health, we cannot put aside the products we use daily; From our makeup, face products, to the products we use for cleaning the home, they are aligned with a life more towards the ecological, the organic and of course the natural. Very soon I will share an article talking about the subject, but you know how much damage the chemicals from many of the products we use on a daily basis do us. This same access to information that we have today, the knowledge of a reality that we ignored, this awakening to our choices make us study each of our decisions and ask ourselves do I really want this in my lifeida?


I imagine that now you ask yourself, how can I start to live better Through small habits that you adopt in your day to day life. Here I share three tasks that you can start applying today so that little by little, you can change your life:a:

  • Add more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet

  • Switch your skincare products to brands that are organic, natural or sustainable

  • Walk at least 30 minutes a day or dance! Find an activity that will keep you moving for at least 30 minutes..

  • Avoid processed or "high sodium" foods

  • Drink water, always carry a bottle with you

Today there are many of us who are willing to take the initiative to improve our lifestyle. And you, you already startede?