About KIRA

I want Kira to be that place where you can find the information you need to live longer and better.

The path to our well-being is an experience that enriches and frees you, nourishes you and always leaves you wanting to continue learning and discovering new ways to feel fulfilled, that I have lived throughout these last years and that is the reason. that led me to create this space where I am happy to receive you.

And when I talk about feeling better, I mean not only the nutritional part, but also the emotional, physical, professional and mental. We must remember the importance of building a positive environment full of that powerful energy that transforms us, where we can be, grow and connect. Thank you for being part of this path where we never stop learning.

What is Kira? Join us on the path to a healthy lifestyle!

From a corner of my house, I tell you what KIRA is and what is the goal that motivated me to create and build this community

How to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Starting a healthy lifestyle is challenging for many. I interviewed Sascha Barboza to share with us the essential tips to start and maintain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

We are what we eat

Food is one of my pillars. I am 100% sure that we are what we eat. Therefore, I invite you to enjoy this interview so that you know everything about being vegan

For my part, it all started when my body had no choice but to suffer the consequences of stress, poor diet and incorrect use of products. It was then that I discovered:"You are what you eat, apply, think and do." That your mind creates your reality and that making yourself a priority is absolutely necessary if you want to live fully.

KIRA is an open invitation to talk about well-being, beauty, fashion, nutrition, fitness, physical and mental health, fashion, everyday life, intimacy, family, innovation, and entrepreneurship with the aim of achieving a better version of you, based on our experiences and learnings being guided by a team of experts in each area to apply to your own reality and with those around you. Oh and wait ...

I want our communication to be interactive, I await your questions, doubts and even new ideas.

With love, Chiqui


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